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A proper warm up not only helps to raise body temperature but also mobilizes joints, activates muscles and stimulates the nervous system.

The golf swing is an extremely dynamic and explosive movement - at least it should be. If you don't warm up you're asking a lot from your body, if unprepared, it's only a matter of time before it breaks down.    


Research has shown a warm up increases club speed and can add up to 45 yards to your drives. 

It also provides a greater sense of body awareness and over all control necessary for swinging your best.

Movement Patterns

Restricted joints and "tight" muscles not only hold your body back from achieving it's full potential but can lead to faulty movement patterns.

If you are going to spend your weekends on the course and hours at the range, you should at least get the most out of it.

Norm Moote PGA

I am pleased to recommend Nate as a fitness and nutrition coach. I've been working with him since January at our golf academy at Legends. To my surprise, his approach and expertise extended way beyond golf fitness. He not only helped me increase mobility, strength and power (demonstrated by a 10mph improvement in club head speed) but, with his nutrition coaching, I’ve lost 20lbs (4 notches in my belt) and my latest blood panel shows I’m close to no longer needing diabetes medication.

I’ve also been able to use what I've learned from Nate and apply it to my own clients, identifying power leaks in their swings based on posture and restricted joint movements. 

Norm Moote PGA 
Director of Instruction at Legends-on-the-Niagara

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