Program starts on July 11th, 2018
Grand Niagara Golf Course
8547 Grassy Brook Rd, Thorold

Week 1: Wednesday July 11th, 6-7pm
Week 2: Wednesday July 18th, 6-7pm
*Week 3: Monday July 23rd, 6-7pm
Week 4: Wednesday August 1st, 6-7pm
Week 5: Wednesday August 8th, 6-7pm
Week 6: Wednesday August 15th, 6-9pm

$250 + tax

Questions? Email Nate at
It's our goal to give women who are new to golf a chance to learn how to play the game in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  

In addition to world class golf instruction, this unique program includes strength training and yoga sessions designed to meet the needs of the golfer, as well as a lesson dedicated to excelling at the mental game of golf.   
After completing the program you'll possess:
- An in depth understanding of the fundamentals necessary for a consistent and reliable golf swing.

- Knowledge about the body-swing connection and how the components of a true golf fitness program - joint mobility, stability, strength and balance - effect the quality of your movement and therefore, play. 

- Mental skills that'll help you address your game in a manner that serves you best based on your current ability.
Week 1

On the practice range with Norm to learn the basics of the swing and common misconceptions. You’ll be given a video swing analysis and a manual for reference.

Week 2

 Back on the practice range with Norm to learn the ABC's of a successful short game. You'll leave with a game plan for putting, pitching, chipping and bunker shots.

Week 3

In the banquet room with Jenny for a Yoga for Golfers® session. Yoga For Golfers® is a distinctly unique and proprietary yoga methodology that fuses Western biomechanical science with Eastern mind/body conditioning. 
Week 4

In the banquet room with Mahsa to cover the mental game of golf. Golf is a primary example of how the temperament that we practice in life quickly transfers itself within our game.
Week 5

In the banquet room with Nate for an introductory strength training session geared towards the specific physical needs of the golfer. Nate will also cover the components of a proper warmup prior to playing and practicing.

Week 6

On the course to play nine-holes (cart included) followed by dinner at the pub and a closing ceremony. 
There will be prizes that need homes!

Nathane L Jackson
Strength coach & nutritionist
Nathane helps golfers with their most important club - the body! He is a veteran health and wellness professional, with nearly two decades of combined experience as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and holistic nutritionist. 

As a Titleist Performance Institute certified golf fitness instructor, he is dedicated to bringing greater awareness regarding the benefits strength training and mobility has on one’s golf game. His specialized fitness, nutrition and recovery programs help golfers avoid injury, boost confidence and improve overall performance. 

Nathane is a former University athlete and when he’s not working on his own game he shares his knowledge as a writer and featured expert for numerous television and radio shows, as well as publications, such as Inside Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Ironman, Reader’s Digest, AskMen, PopSugar, Sweat Equity, Prevention and The Huffington Post.

Mahsa S Durbano
Sport Performance Psych Consultant
Mahsa’s desire is to empower athletes of all levels to make lasting changes, not just for enhanced performance but for a better life. Unlocking the treasure of human potential and embarking on a journey of uncovering unique strengths, breaking down self-enforced limitations, tailoring the ultimate performance plan, mastering precise focus, and achieving measurable and targeted goals, even in the face of the most unexpected and complex challenges. She works closely with athletes of all ages and abilities in helping them perform to their full potential. 

Mahsa is passionate about the development of both novice and professional athletes and understand the importance of supporting the performer, their parents and coaches in reaching their goals and navigating the world of competitive sports.

Norm Moote
PGA Teaching Professional
From 1981 to 1988, Norm was given the opportunity to learn from, train with, fellow Canadian and one of the PGA’s best ball strikers, George Knudson. 

George discovered the actual truths behind what the golf swing is all about and Norm’s been carrying those philosophies through his own teaching ever since. Norm was one of George’s original teaching associates and it’s his goal to share those philosophies with you.

Norm is forever grateful to George Knudson who shared his disciplines, training practices, and inner mental game with him. George learned from some of the greatest golfers of all time - Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Jimmy Demaret and so many others.

Jenny Goldberg
Yoga For Golfers®

Jenny Goldberg is level 1 certified Yoga For Golfers® (YFG) instructor in the Niagara region. An avid golfer herself, she understands the benefits yoga can bring to the golf swing.

-YFG focuses on biomechanics of the body through the swing.

-YFG enables golfers to play their best game, right from the first tee.

-YFG extends the body’s ability to play, minimizing discomforts and risk of injury.

-YFG improves the body’s mobility, allowing golfers to play better, longer, with more confidence and increased enjoyment.

Grand Niagara is classic Rees Jones and considered one of the finest courses in Canada. There is no trickery here. His fairway angles, positioning of hazards and exquisitely contoured greens demand intelligent course management, tempting players with a variety of risk-reward options. Strategy breeds success.

The beauty of Grand Niagara echoes the ambience of the world’s classic courses. The fairways roll and the wisps of fescue evoke images of the mist rising from nearby Niagara Falls.

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